The pandemic has pushed communications forward

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I’m writing this as Quebec is going through its third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, with our upcoming summer season still a question mark for tourists and companies alike.

“Last year we dealt with surprises. This year we’re dealing with uncertainty.” That’s what one of my clients wrote to me just a few weeks ago, as we began planning our summer news releases to the media.

Here we are today, well versed in health measures and sales promotions, showing flexibility and reinvention at every turn, hoping our efforts finally bear fruit… only to find ourselves facing the inevitable third wave.

How the pandemic transformed communication

Promoting content based on your core values and good news—especially when it’s local—has become the price of entry for success and growth for many companies. That means creating strong links with a community of clients and brand ambassadors and nurturing pride. Of course, if you sell sports equipment or home-renovation services, your concerns are more centered around managing demand, but be sure to take advantage of this influx of money to invest in your brand image, too.

News trends in media are evolving

Over the last year, our consultation approach with clients has changed in a number of ways. Once our initial plans went out the window, we had to switch to tactical mode. That meant paying close attention to the news across a multitude of media outlets—on one hand to anticipate what was coming, and on the other to detect trends and opportunities for news and sales growth. Every phase was followed by buying local, good news, managing health measures, collective exhaustion, deconfinement, re-confinement… It all meant constantly readjusting our strategy and strategically reacting.

Media communications are making a comeback

Not all of 2020 brought bad news. Media relations, for example, gained in popularity—mainly because companies want to be seen, and they are moving away from depending only on social-media investment to reach their clients. And we know how quickly social-media multinationals can pull the plug on companies. But the press, and journalism in general, were well positioned to gain in popularity, as people around the globe became glued to media outlets to see what tomorrow would bring. Add to the mix a renewed love of all that’s local, including media, and you can understand why the press has been making a comeback. It’s time to start sowing the seeds of great communication!

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Caroline Cossette

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