How to build a better brief for a media-relations mandate

This year, my clients had the foresight to ask if we had tools to create solid communication briefs. That's all it took for us to get the ball rolling.

The right brief can mean all the difference between a good communication-marketing campaign and a great one. The more relevant details you provide about your history, goals for the future, and reasons for creating your products, the better your collaborators will be able to focus their creativity around your brand—and create a strategy that takes your mid-term goals for growth into consideration.

These are the 4 key points needed to build a solid brief for your communications agency:

  1. Present your organization, resources, and marketing priorities: This will help us understand your marketing plan and the space your goods/services will occupy, the availability of your internal resources, and how to make recommendations about distributing your budget.
  2. Highlight your company’s attributes and products via different angles: What are your best sellers? What are you most proud of? What are your priorities? What sets you apart from the competition?
  3. Foster your brand and human experience by sharing stories, including those about key people who helped along the way: Consider stories about a founder, an employee, or a client who added something significant to your company, and helped make it what it is today.
  4. News, featured products, and expectations for campaign success: The last section of a brief often comes first when you’re looking for an agency to promote a product to attain a new threshold of success. Provide as many details about this as possible.

I hope some of these tips are helpful to you. Feel free to request our brief template to help you get started.

See you soon!


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